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Hello, I'm Karam Singh Khalsa aka BJ Khalsa (Being Joyful). For many decades I have been a fixture in the Solstice Bazaar supplying Turbans, timers, and Sheepskins. I am looking forward to seeing you in person at a future Solstice. Here I am wearing my "American Sat Nam" Turban Material.

Delivering the Best Quality Sheepskins and Turbans!!!

Infinitely Luxurious All Natural
Experience Your Soul as You Meditate on These Heavenly Soft and Durable Real Sheepskins
I have been selling these top quality sheepskins in solstice bazaar for decades!!!
Single Sheepskins are machine washable - cold water - special washing procedures - never in the dryer or the sun!
LongHair Sheepskin Colors
4 Sizes for Ivory
  • LI 80 cm   $75.00
  • LI 90 cm   sold out
  • ​LI 95 cm    $85.00
  • LI 105 cm  $90.00
  • ​LI 142 cm  (1 1/2 stitched) $135.00
LS 90 cm $85.00
LP 90 cm $85.00

 Special Free Shipping!!!

This is me wearing my "American Sat Nam Turban" material

"American Sat Nam"
100% Cotton - White Only 
Super Comfortable - Easy to Tie - Outlast Indian Turbans!!!

Best Turbans Ever For Men & Women!

  • T 3 yd.   $15.00
  • T 4 yd.    $20.00
  • ​T 5 yd.    $25.00
  • T 6 yd.    $30.00

I began wearing and selling these turbans at winter solstice in 1977 - they are clearly a favorite with the 3ho family.

Special Free Shipping!!!

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